The State Investment Corporation Limited

The Corporation was incorporated in year 1984. With more than three decades of operation, the Corporation holds a strong investment portfolio that reflects its strategic priorities aligned with the Government’s vision, inter alia to promote economic growth and development of the country.

A few of the investee companies have evolved to become prestigious, including SBM Holdings Ltd, Mauritius Duty Free Paradise Co. Ltd, State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd, Mauritius Shipping Corporation Ltd, Afrinex Limited, Lottotech Ltd, State Informatics Ltd and Port Louis Fund Ltd. Some other international investee firms such as Princes Tuna (Mauritius) Ltd and Lafarge (Mauritius) Cement Ltd have also showcased immense growth by successfully consolidating their presence locally, while simultaneously making a substantial contribution in expanding export earnings/FDI/technical know-how.

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In the first decade of its existence SIC acquired the holdings of the Government of Mauritius in private enterprises and expanded its initial portfolio by investing and diversifying in hotels, casinos, manufacturing companies, airline and shipping.

During the '90s, the Corporation invested in the commercial and energy sectors. SIC also played a vital role in the establishment of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and actively participated in trading of stocks that were listed on SEM (banking and finance).

In the 2000s, it expanded its asset base by acquiring holdings in evolving sectors such as ICT, global business and real estate.

To date SIC is proud to hold investments in major sectors of the economy.

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