Property Management Cluster

SIC - subsidiary section 2

The Property Cluster has established internal processes and outsources specialized areas to technical experts where required in its day to day operations including acquisition, maintenance, improvement, disposal of properties and leases.

Objectives of the Property Cluster

The objective is to generate sustainable returns and growth while simultaneously providing strategic direction on various aspects of property management. The Property Cluster supports the Government in managing various properties at strategic locations around the island. Furthermore it provides necessary assistance to identify suitable sites in the land bank of the SIC Group for implementation of key Government projects.

The cluster intends to establish itself as a credible, trustworthy, and reliable partner of its stakeholders to participate in property management. Furthermore, it strives to deploy its resources to improve, develop, and expand the real-estate potential in Mauritius.

The cluster manages strategic properties in following locations:

Ebene                                  Cote D’Or                               Le Val Natural Park                                Pailles                               Quatre Bornes                               Riviere Du Rempart  

Trou D’eau Douce              Rose Belle                               Cluny                                                      Curepipe