Asset Management Cluster

SIC - subsidiary section 2

Capital Asset Management Ltd (CAM) is the funds management arm of the SIC Group. It has been providing investment management services since 1997. The Company is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) and holds the CIS Manager and Investment Advisor (Unrestricted) licenses under the Securities Act 2005.

The total assets under management of CAM has reached MUR 4.2 billion as at 30 June 2020. CAM employs a team of high calibre investment professionals having wide range of experience in the field of portfolio management, private equity, Investment advisory and pension fund management.

CAM’s investment management team is involved in asset allocation advice, equity and fixed income portfolio construction, developing investment strategies and private equity appraisal amongst others. Over time the team has also developed expertise for investing in foreign stock markets.

With over 20 years of experience, CAM has established itself as a performance and process driven company in the market. It has very robust processes for investment management activities which has in-built control procedures. The services offered by CAM include:

  • Integrated CIS Management
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Private Equity Fund Management
  • Pension Fund Management
  • Bespoke Wealth Management
  • Property Fund Management
  • Corporate Financial Services
  • Portfolio Accounting and NAV calculation