Portfolio and Investment Management

The Corporation has invested in businesses and firms, operating across a spectrum of strategic and commercial sectors. These industries include commercial air travel, logistics, production, distribution, financial services, information and communications technology, real estate, tourism and leisure. Currently valued at approximately Rs 7bn, the investment portfolio of SIC predominantly features equity investments, alongside a less proportion of fixed-income investments. The return on investments is obtained from different investee firms, which are involved in various sectoral areas.

The PIMD is entrusted with the task to perform market research, supervise current market trends, detect and evaluate new avenues of investments for the corporation. Collaboration with policy-makers and co-operation with other key institutions forms an integral part of the strategical direction of the company. The strategic intent is to successfully identify projects and perform equally successful execution. New development possibilities should be explored in context to expansion and extension of national goals, with regards to core value addition, industry-wise progress, leveraging on advantages of diversification, and enabling commercial feasibility.  The corporation is nimble enough to secure funding for the equity financing of projects.

SIC has put in place a well-structured procedure, engraving a pathway to simplify the decision-making process around investments. This procedure considers critical investment standards, requirements and incorporates balanced risk-taking. For years, SIC has continuously implemented a consistent approach for the selection of investment in its portfolio. The strategy for selection is to conduct an industry-wide macro-analysis of each sector. This enables diversification and mitigation of downside risks. At a secondary stage, a comprehensive due diligence process and appraisal is carried out on each project by a multi-disciplinary team. Where required, external technical expertise is sought to obtain independent technical advice. Projects are examined and evaluated by the Investment Committee, after which recommendations are sent to the Board for approval.

Being among the top ten online investment companies, SIC conceptualized this Investment portfolio cluster to serve as a collection of institutions and industries associated with financial Services, investment market, or engaged primarily in deposit banking, extending credit in the form of loans, and the exchange of securities and commodities. What distinguishes this cluster is the fact that almost all of the other clusters have a substantial link with this cluster.

The aim

This cluster aims to facilitate companies in a diverse field of industries, to benefit from the capital from our top investments and professional expertise. By alleviating downside losses and preserving start-up funds, SIC enjoys the capability to be risk-on and drive economic activity in areas, where it is needed the most.

The services

While, several companies stand to benefit from the angel networks and capital allocated to them by SIC, under this cluster, good investment companies will also be in a tremendously advantageous position. Diversified investment products are the best way to invest money because they are either entirely independent or co-related minimally with each other, which ensures that the overall return on investments on the portfolio remains uncompromised, in case any one of the stocks tanks. This not only safeguards the interests of SIC's investing partners but also help businesses to survive and thrive among the healthy and productive competition.